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Carlo Goldoni’s “Arlechinno; A Servant of Two Masters”

2 - 28 Nov 2004  Brockley Jack Theatre  /  10 Dec 2004 – 2 January 2005  New End Theatre

Arlechinno, a cunning servant, gets a lucky break finding himself engaged in the service of two masters. But can the wily Arlechinno manoeuvre the confusion to pull it off? Arlechinno, a cunning servant gets a lucky break when he finds himself engaged in the service of two Masters at the same time. Things begin to get complicated however when both employers decide to lodge at the same inn. This, combined with marriage arrangements, love affairs and even some cross dressing, serves to create a hilarious confusion from which it seems impossible for even the wily Arlechinno to escape!



Marcio Melo and Stuart Major (Arlechinno) – photo by Elena Machado

“StoneCrabs rediscovers Goldoni and transforms this museum piece into true entertainment for a modern audience and it succeeds gloriously” – Aline Waites – Hampstead & Highgate Express (Arlechinno, 2004)

"Franko Figueiredo's fast and energetic interpretation."
- Barbara Lewis, The Stage

Directed by Franko Figueiredo
Assistant Director: Lauren Graham
Cast: Tereza Araujo; Lisa Benson; Andrea Cullum; Catherine Eccles; Jillian George-Lewis; Simon Lawrence; Stuart Major; Marcio Mello; William Tombs
Set & Costume Designer: Lu Firth
Lighting Designer: Thomas White
Sound Designer: Dinah Mullen
Scenic Carpenter: Scott Firth
Graphic Designers: Estelle Ricoux & Elena Machado
Sentiero Production Management: Nafeesah Butt & Dominique Pierre-Louis
Production Assistant: Natacha Metherel
Stage Management: Jasmine Sandali, Jaspreet Suraj & Sami Pitfield




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