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The Suzuki Method of Actor Training was developed by Tadashi Suzuki, Artistic Director of the Suzuki Company of Toga (SCOT). This technique has gained a broad following in professional theatre circles including the Royal Shakespeare Company, among many. The Suzuki Method develops the actor's inner physical sensibilities, and builds the will, stamina and concentration.

suzuki method

The workshop activities include a series of exercises focusing on the use of the feet in relation to one's centre. These exercises are designed to throw the body off centre while maintaining a consistent level of energy and not swaying the upper body. The training involves precise physical discipline to bring a heightened awareness and emotional and physical commitment to each moment on stage. The Suzuki Method is designed to gain expressive perspective and abilities, and to explore the power of the human body in the theatrical context.

Ichiro Nakayama has worked with Tadashi Suzuki for ten years and taken major roles in the repertoire of SCOT (the Suzuki Company of Toga). He has also been teaching the Suzuki Method in
Japan and abroad.



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